Order Status

Do you have an issue with your order?

We are committed to ensuring we deliver all orders to you withing 3 business days from order date. for example if you order on monday your order will be delivered withing tuesday, wednesday or thursday.

If you want to reconfirm if we have received your order?

You will receive an automated email when an order is completed on the website. Simply send us this order confirmation to info@store2door.lk. We will be more than happy to check and confirm.

If the Payment went through but no confirmation email?

This only happens when there is a issue in the payment system. Our technology partner will work with payhere to find this transaction, then either speak with you to process it or to request a refund. We will make sure that you have peace of mind. Please use the form Below to send us your details.

I got my Order but there was something missing or something extra?

Given the current situation the packaging and delivery process is not easy. We do our best to ensure that all orders are delivered without error. However if we have send you something extra or some thing less, please fill the below form so we can resolve the matter and correct your order.

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